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Experience the adventures of divers who have seen the surreal beauty and underwater wilderness. For those who dare and those who aspire to explore earth’s watery realm, explore this “in-depth” website to view the world-wide adventures of Deep/Quest  (the Canadian-led exploration team founded in 1973). Join us as we explore the underwater world of exotic locales, including Cuba, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Puerto Rico, as well as the Canadian Great Lakes.

Current and proposed projects include the filming of: spectacular coral reefs, majestic manta rays, endangered whale sharks, the mysterious world of cenotes (underwater caverns festooned with stalactites and stalagmites, formed thousands of years ago), and long-lost historic shipwrecks.

About Deep/Quest

KenFounded in Montreal, Quebec in 1973 by Kenn Feigelman, ostensibly as a one year project, Deep/Quest has grown into an internationally-acclaimed, Canadian-led, underwater exploration and film documentation organization. The first one-year project explored and documented historical naval battle sites from both the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, beneath the cold, dark waters of Lake Champlain in upstate New York and Vermont.
Re-located to the Province of Ontario in 1979, Deep/Quest 2 has spearheaded numerous underwater projects of exploration, discovery and documentation:

In 1988,was instrumental in acquiring Canada’s first-ever underwater research habitat, Sublimnos, from its designer, famed Canadian undersea explorer, Dr. Joseph MacInnis. Sublimnos had initially been placed under Georgian Bay at Tobermory, Ontario in 1969 as a unique freshwater research platform for diving scientists. Deep/Quest 2 sunk Sublimnos off Point Traverse, beneath Lake Ontario in 1990 with the intent of utilizing it as a hub to evaluate the effects of man-made, artificial reefs on the freshwater eco-system in the immediate area.

Explored and documented previously un-discovered, sub-aquatic caves, the Scuttleholes, paralleling the scenic Moira River, north of Belleville, Ontario.

Initiated coral reef studies off the island of Barbados in the eastern Caribbean, as well as evaluating purposely-sunk shipwrecks creating artificial reefs to enhance the marine environment. Also explored, via high-definition video, the virgin coral reefs of Cuba, where marine life abounds in all of its majestic hues.

Documented the plight of the endangered and highly toxic St. Lawrence River Beluga Whales off Tadoussac, Quebec. These whales are being decimated via carcinogenic contaminants emanating from the Great Lakes. Have also been privileged to document the great whales of the Gulf of St. Lawrence off Quebec’s Mingan Archipelago, including Blue whales (the largest animals ever known to have inhabited this planet), as well as Humpback, Finback and Minke whales in cooperation with the renowned Mingan Island Cetacean Study group.

Discovered long-lost shipwrecks beneath the treacherous waters of eastern Lake Ontario, known as the Marysburgh Vortex, off historic Prince Edward County, and the first-ever video-documentation of same.

Commenced the production of high-definition video footage of the gregarious sea turtles of Akumal, along the spectacular Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, the Mayan Riviera. Concurrent projects in Mexico include the video-documentation of Cenotes, sinkholes,and associated underwater cave systems festooned with stalactites and stalagmites formed “drip-by-drip” over thousands of years, before the earth’s water levels rose.

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