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That time in Jamaica.

“Honey, put down the butter knife, I have a great idea that I want to share with you,” Jody said.
This is usually when I roll my eyes inwardly (mostly inwardly), and sigh, “What.  Now.”

Don’t get me wrong, ideas are great.  But Jody gets LOTS of them!  Back to his newest idea (at the time):
“We should open a dive shop here in Jamaica – I’m looking at some property this afternoon!”

He was still floating on cloud nine, reminiscing about his scuba excursion the day before; we were vacationing in Jamaica, to attend our best friends’ wedding.  His dive had been “freaking” awesome, as a pod of dolphins had swam beside him, and two of them were just babies. He was over the moon.  I was not yet a diver, so I had not had the opportunity to share in that experience.

A happy ending. (dreaming of diving with dolphins)

A happy ending. (dreaming of diving with dolphins)

Comically, my husband’s best buddy Darryl had declined the dive opportunity as he was getting a mani-pedi with his bride-to-be. Maggie had urged him to go diving with Jody, and insisted that I could take his place at the spa while he dove, but he would hear nothing of it. He was getting his nails done with the love of his life. Awww. Gag me now.

​So that is how Darryl lost out on a great dive with baby dolphins. And that’s how I lost out on a good mani-pedi.

So, the moral of the story is, say YES to opportunities, and live life to the fullest, even with dirty nails, scuba dive every chance you get, and realize that sometimes you should just splurge, and buy your own damn self a manicure and pedicure.

Nevertheless, Maggie and Darryl said YES the very next day, beginning that beautiful adventure called “marriage in paradise”, and it was perfect. Oh, and that is not when Jody opened Adventure Sports Newmarket Inc. by the way. He realized that dream a couple years later, when we said YES to the adventure of our lives and opened the scuba shop! Thanks for having such great ideas, Honey!

Adventure SportsAnd now, Jody has just had the pleasure of certifying Maggie as an Open Water diver. She did her open water dives in a cenote in Mexico. And so, their adventures continue… Happy Anniversary, guys!

Jodi and Jill Smith (Owners of Adventure Sports, Inc) are happy to make your dream of becoming a scuba diver a reality!


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