Video Review – 47 Meters Down


Well fantastic. Another ridiculous movie that will only perpetuate an unfounded fear of sharks, and give fuel to those that see no problem with the killing of millions of sharks on a regular basis.

Sharks are not dangerous and very, very few people are injured or killed by sharks in the water. I personally have been in the water with reef sharks, lemons, and even a bull shark with no concern for my well being. If you treat them with respect and do not harass or chum, your likelihood of having an negative encounter is minuscule.

Please do not let movies like this perpetuate fear. Sharks are beautiful and graceful animals.




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Matthew lives in Kingston Ontario at the gateway of the Thousand Islands. He is fortunate to have the St Lawrence River and Lake Ontario in his backyard. He can be found most of the time in these waters. Matthew began diving in  2011, and completed his open water training in Loreto MX Diving in the Sea of Cortez. Matthew has since completed his Dive Master, Cavern Course, Intro to Cave Diving and has logged over 300 dives. Matthew has also completed Advanced Nitrox, Deco Procedures, and Helitrox Training

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