Scuba Dive on an Underwater Boeing 737 Artificial Reef


On January 14, 2006 a former Canadian Airlines Boeing 737-200 was sunk in the waters off Chemainus, British Columbia, Canada.  This Air Canada plane served travelers well for 27 years, and was originally built in the 70’s.

Peter Luckham and the Artificial Reef Society of BC  purposely sunk this wreck to provide an artificial reef for Pacific marine life and diver delights. Special Response Diver International (SRDI) Zoran Bogdanovic, Head Instructor, was the first to make the dive down into the plane. The shallowest part of the Boeing plane lies at 18m (60ft), and this dive is recommended for advanced divers. All seats, windows, doors, avionics and cables have been removed for diver’s safety.

Video by Russell Clark and Trisha Stovel of






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