Hollis keeps its word to replace broken dive mask


Image credit Paul Darnbrough

If you read my story about how I shattered the lens of my dive mask when I took a giant stride off a friend’s boat, I was happy with the response of HOLLIS.

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I have been in talks back and forth with HOLLIS over the shattered lens. They seemed interested in what happened. They wanted me to ship it back and even sent me a receipt to use for the return postage.

I sent the mask back to their research department. They asked for details and kept their word on replacing the mask. I have received it. They seemed concerned and l got the word out to others to check their masks, so l am okay with it all.  Please remember to check your gear often and close, even your mask.

A follow up story from Paul Darnbrough, rewritten for publication. Exclusive to The Scuba News Canada. 




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