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REEF GURU is excited to announce the launch of its new online reef education site – with courses on the biology, identification and secret lives of reef fish and reef critters, the mini reef guru and the junior reef guru online kids educational activity packs, as well as a free course on the importance & threats to coral reefs. The courses and kids packs are available at:

Free reef-themed colouring sheets for kids of all ages are also available for download on the Reef Education page of our main website :

In the reef fish course, participants will learn all about what makes a fish a fish (biologically), learn some key fish identification tools & understand the behaviour and identification of each major reef fish family.

In the reef critters course, participants will learn all about the common reef critters (invertebrates) and understand their identifying features, behaviour & ecological importance.

In the coral reefs: importance & threats course, participants will learn the basic biology of corals and the human-reef relationship; how we rely on coral reefs and how we are threatening their survival. In order to align with Reef Guru’s company mission to increase public awareness of the threats to coral reefs, this course is free for all to enjoy.

These three courses are aimed at divers, snorkelers and anyone of secondary/high school age and up with a desire to know more about the fascinating – and increasingly threatened – reef environment and its important biodiversity.

Divers in coldwater countries will also enjoy and learn from the reef critters course as many of the invertebrate groups covered in the course can also be found in coldwater marine environments.

The Mini Reef Guru (ages 6-8 years) and Junior Reef Guru (ages 9-11 years) online educational activity packs consist of 5 exciting chapters relating to different marine biology topics; Oceans, Coral Reefs, Coral, Reef Fish, and Reef Invertebrates. Each chapter incorporates an online lesson, a printable activity or experiment related to the lesson, and an online multiple choice quiz to reinforce learning. The packs finish off with a printable certificate for the parent to present to the child. The packs encourage the development of independent learning, critical and scientific thinking and will inspire the next generation of marine biologists and conservationists. Both packs offer a free preview chapter, which includes a downloadable 3D shark template.

All of our educational resources are grounded in our expert knowledge of the subject and experience since 2009 in carrying out marine research, marine education and reef restoration projects around the globe, including in the UK, Canada, Nicaragua, Madagascar, the Maldives and Vanuatu.

Future courses will include:

Coral reef biology, ecology and identification online courses

Reef restoration theory online course

Kids online educational activity packs relating to specific topics e.g. deep sea, sharks, sea turtles.

REEF GURU was established in the UK in 2016 by Grace Phillips and Lucy Fisher, both Marine Biology graduates from the University of Plymouth, UK.

The REEF GURU Vision is for healthy, resilient reefs that are invested in and protected by individuals, groups & businesses that rely on the ecosystem services of the reef.

REEF GURU helps dive facilities worldwide demonstrate that they care about their environmental impact through a series of Diver Program certifications that the dive
facilities can run to engage divers in coral reef conservation and restoration and help the local reefs to flourish for decades to come.

True to our mission to provide education to the public about coral reefs, their importance, threats and the animals that call it home, REEF GURU has developed a series of online Reef Education resources from kids’ activity bundles to educational courses.

Log-ins to the courses for evaluation purposes can be provided to recognised media on request to REEF GURU.

Further information about REEF GURU, visit:


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