DIVETALKS THURSDAYS: World-Class Tech Diver Edd Sorenson to Discuss Momentous Career and Underwater Rescues

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One of the most important rescue divers of our time will be the guest this week on the popular Facebook Livestream DIVETALKS, orchestrated by Divesoft. Edd Sorenson is a name which most divers are very familiar with. He’s a cave diver, dive instructor, and sidemount specialist with over 20 years of experience. Mark your calendars for DIVETALKS with Edd Sorenson this Thursday June 4th at 1 p.m. EDT!

Divesoft DIVETALKS - Edd Sorenson

Edd’s story starts in 1995 in the Pacific Northwest when he caught the bug and got hooked on diving, moving into technical and cave diving a year later. Since then, Edd has become an expert in the cave systems of Jackson County, Florida, where he successfully completed four live rescues in three different locations in 2012. These rescues were particularly meaningful as these locations are notorious for unsuccessful underwater rescue attempts.

As time went on, Edd continued to apply his exemplary rescue skills in different caves all over the world. In April 2019, Sorenson successfully rescued Josh Bratchley, a British cave diver who assisted in the rescue of 23 boys and their soccer coach from a Thai cave, from Mill Pond Cave in Flynn’s Lick, Tennessee. Bratchley was rescued by Edd after spending 27 grueling hours in the cave system.

Divesoft DIVETALKS - Edd Sorenson

Sorenson has been recognized for his feats of heroism on many occasions and has been the recipient of a number of prestigious awards. For his many rescues and work as the Safety Director for the NSS-CD, Edd received the Life Saving Award in 2013, which was later upgraded in 2019 when the award was literally named after him, i.e. the Edd Sorenson Life Saving Award. This is a high honor for a diver who truly deserves it (and we haven’t even mentioned his Lifetime Achievement Award!).

Divesoft DIVETALKS - Edd Sorenson

There will be no shortage of topics to touch on this Thursday at 1 p.m. EDT during the DIVETALKS Facebook Livestream presented by Joe Bosquez. Edd Sorenson is also credited with making sizable progress in “sidemount diving”, even working together with other divers to create both the Sidemount Rebreather and “The Sidewinder”. Whether you’re interested in his career as a rescue diver, his work in creating sidemount rebreathers, or just in his story as a whole, you’re going to want to tune in for this week’s livestream. Get your questions ready and leave them down in the comments. Then just sit back and enjoy the show!

Divesoft DIVETALKS - Edd Sorenson
Edd Sorenson and Joe Bosquez

Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/events/2668867670027771/


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