Scuba Diving at Cottam Point, Vancouver Island

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Vancouver Island Diving? Cottam Spot is one of the best diving locations in Nanoose Bay. The diving sites at Nanoose Bay are all about half an hour’s drive north of Nanaimo, British Columbia, off Hwy 19.

Photo Credit: Bob Simpson

Dive Report: Bob Simpson

Some of our West coast creatures are seldom photographed. We tend to always be looking for the big stuff. Octopus, Wolf Eels, etc. This morning I went to Cottam Point, Vancouver Island (close to my home ), hoping that the local sea lions would come cruising by for a visit. We have lots of Stellar and California Sea Lions in the vicinity, all winter long. Anyway, I cruised around for the better part of an hour on the point, staying in the 30 to 50-foot range, with my eyes and video camera looking up… NO LUCK Today for me. When I got out there was a Stellar cruising by: always next week. The Anemones are very common in our area and the colourful Chitons are always around. Our water temperature was 54F and our horizontal visibility was probably 45 feet or more. Air Temperature was 11C. We had a strongish south wind coming across the straits, so entry was around the corner from the point. It would have been a surf entry if I had gone in at the point. No reason to do that today.

Bob Simpson

Photo Credit: Bob Simpson

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