Scuba Diving at Dolphin Beach: Nanoose Bay, British Columbia

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Dolphin Beach is about 20 kilometers from Nanaimo, British Columbia, and is known for its red maple trees. On either side of this dive site, there is a rocky beach and a park.

A quick note about this dive site: you’ll need at least a 10-foot tide for an easier entry, but higher is even better. Since it’s a rugged beach, tread carefully. Kelp is abundant and can catch you, it is recommended that you bring a dive knife. It’s about a 10-minute swim to a wall that drops down to 100 feet once you’ve navigated the rocky terrain and passed the kelp forest.

This dive site is suitable for both Open Water and Advanced Divers. When you descend, there is a lot of rock formations to observe.

Dive Report

In March 2021, Daniel Driver and his diving buddies Don and Denis visited Dolphin Beach with a couple of underwater companions…king crab and sea lion. Visibility was a little hazy at 15 feet, but the water is a little warmer as we move into spring 2021.

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