St. Lawrence Cruise Lines Ready to Cruise in 2022

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The Canadian travel industry is preparing to reopen in time for the spring and summer travel seasons as pandemic numbers decline and health and safety restrictions continue to be relaxed in Ontario. This is especially true for cruise ships, some of which were were “docked” in Canada and the United States in 2021. Many international cruise lines have already resumed their trips in the last six months.

Because of their small ship profiles (carrying less than 100 passengers) and the ability to enact strict and effective health and safety regulations in accordance with federal and provincial standards, some ships were able to remain operational in Canada.

One of these cruise lines is St. Lawrence Cruise Lines. With an all-Canadian crew and routes that stay in Canadian waters, the line was able to successfully operate with robust health and safety standards for one month in 2020 and four months in 2021, resulting in two seasons of clear sailing with no stoppages or outbreaks.

About St Lawrence Cruise Lines

St. Lawrence Cruise Lines is a family-owned and operated Canadian company with 40 years of cruise industry experience. This enables us to provide our guests with the best river cruising experience possible. So come along with us as we explore the most beautiful, calm-water rivers in this part of the world. Our all-Canadian professional, highly trained crew will spoil you with exceptional cuisine and genuine Canadian hospitality. More importantly, you will be able to witness the incredible beauty and rich history of the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers firsthand. We are excited to have you aboard!

How it all started

In 1979, Bob Clark had some fanciful ideas that led to the creation of the M/V Canadian Empress. Bob spent several years living on the St. Lawrence River. He recognized its many attractions and scenic beauty and couldn’t understand why there wasn’t an overnight cruise ship that allowed visitors to experience this unique part of the world. Bob’s entrepreneurial spirit grabbed hold of the idea and wouldn’t let go. So he used his background in architecture, real estate, and engineering, and the keel of the ship was laid in a short period of time.

On September 6, 1981, the M/V Canadian Empress was launched. Bob chose the year 1908 as the design theme because he wanted a vessel that would fit in with the history of the St. Lawrence River. Victorian accents, such as brass railings and tin ceilings, complemented the original decor. Bob was a firm believer in “hands-on” management, and it was not uncommon to see Bob and his wife Myrna cruising with passengers.

The M/V Canadian Empress is not a replica of any particular ship. It is a composite replica of several vessels that were common in the St. Lawrence River region during the previous century. Throughout its 40-year history, the Canadian Empress has hosted visitors from virtually every country.

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