Author Alisha Postma

From staring down a 300 lb sand tiger shark to currently being a certified PADI divemaster, Alisha Postma’s resume is pretty jam packed with extreme water hobbies. A scuba diver, photographer and ocean activist with a background in marine biology, Alisha loves being underwater and the only thing she’s missing is a tail. Alisha and her husband Joey are plunging into as many strange and exotic waters as possible and sharing their adventures on their scuba diving blog. Together they hope to promote ocean conservation and help the world understand what a beautiful place the aquatic realm can be.

When most people imagine scuba diving they think of hot weather and coral reefs. While this may bode well for some scuba divers that prefer this safe and easy underwater life, there are others that live in locations that don’t allow them that luxury. A Brief Look at Canada Being the second largest country in the world, and spanning from mid latitudes to the high Arctic, Canada couldn’t be further from your tropical dive destination. In most people’s minds, Canada is a place of everything cold; long dark winters, absurd amounts of snow, polar dipping, snowmobiles and lets not forget…