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Kaitlyn knew she wanted to join Ecojustice while completing her undergraduate studies and was Ecojustice’s summer student in 2006. She joined the staff full time in 2010. Kaitlyn is particularly troubled by the inequality that overexposes low-income and First Nations communities to environmental contaminants and pollution from harmful industrial developments. She has worked to advance the human right to a healthy environment through her work on our Chemical Valley Charter Challenge as well as to promote access to safe, drinkable water in Harrietsfield, Nova Scotia. Kaitlyn loves animals, especially the many rescued ones with whom she shares her home.1 Articles

We conserve, restore and manage wetlands and grasslands to benefit waterfowl, wildlife and people. Our goal is to ensure abundant wetlands and waterfowl for generations to come while improving Canadian lives. Waterfowl are migratory. That’s why our conservation efforts impact diverse areas across the entire country—including your community.1 Articles is an underwater video company based in British Columbia, Canada, a partnership between Trisha Stovel and Russell Clark. Trisha was originally from Ontario; a dive instructor, underwater videographer, and ocean lover through and through. Russell moved to Canada from England just over 6 years ago, started diving, and never looked back. 3 years ago we formed as a way for two video and ocean lovers to combine forces; it’s been non stop videos, endless camera gear, and lots of diving ever since.1 Articles

Ran is a professional photographer for over 14 years. His passion for scuba diving and photography has pushed him to combine his profession and hobby and become a professional underwater photographer. Teaching is one of his greatest passions and over the years he has shared his experience with many divers and aspiring photographers. Along with his wife Danielle, an experienced Scuba Instructor, they have founded Dive and More, leading dive trips and UW photo workshops all over the world. Ran is also an electrical engineer and an avid internet marketing specialist.1 Articles

From staring down a 300 lb sand tiger shark to currently being a certified PADI divemaster, Alisha Postma’s resume is pretty jam packed with extreme water hobbies. A scuba diver, photographer and ocean activist with a background in marine biology, Alisha loves being underwater and the only thing she’s missing is a tail. Alisha and her husband Joey are plunging into as many strange and exotic waters as possible and sharing their adventures on their scuba diving blog. Together they hope to promote ocean conservation and help the world understand what a beautiful place the aquatic realm can be.1 Articles

Jeffrey Gallant is the Editor-in-Chief and Records Keeper of the Diving Almanac & Book of Records. He is also a contributing editor of DIVER Magazine, and the scientific director of the Greenland Shark and Elasmobranch Education and Research Group (GEERG). Jeffrey started diving in 1982.1 Articles