Doc’s Proplugs Vented Preformed Protective Earplugs

These wonderful earplugs are a must have no matter type of water sport you participate in

Product Description

Doc’s Proplugs Vented Preformed Protective Earplugs


  • Developed and designed by a surfing physician since 1977
  • Doctors recommend Proplugs
  • Prevent swimmer’s and surfer’s ear
  • Also prevents eardrum rupture
  • Helps divers to equalize
  • Helps ears equalize under water
  • No messy, sticky putty lost in ear canal
  • The ONLY earplug which does not disrupt earwax or obstruct the canal
  • Low price, high quality hypo-allergenic earplug

NB—–Medium fits most average adults

Manufacturers Warranty from my supplier



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