GLOROPE Illuminated Underwater Rope

Glo-Rope’s legendary Nylon double braided Divers Cave Rope comes in two diameter size variations, 2mm or 2.3mm. This a small but versatile glow in the dark line that can truly be a life saver for anyone going into a dark or confined space. Excellent for cave/night divers.

Product Description

Our small but extremely versatile Glow Cave Diving Rope can truly be a life saver for anyone going into a dark or confined space.

Also great for use as lanyards, corded handles, and equipment tie-offs. Our customers have found so many uses for this little rope that we’re thinking about changing the name!

Indicated prices are per foot…40 cents a foot

Tensile Strengths:

  • 2mm – 240 lbs
  • 2.3mm – 500 lbs

Facts and Questions

Q: What causes our rope to glow?
A: The glow is caused by photoluminescence, commonly referred to as Glow-in-the-Dark. The materials used in Glo-Rope are nothing at all like the glow-in-the-dark materials of several years ago. They charge quickly and glow much brighter and much longer than the glow-in-the-dark items you may remember having as a child.

Q: How long does it take to charge the Glo-Rope?
A: Charging for 10 or 20 minutes in sunlight would be excellent to produce a strong lasting glow. A half hour in bright fluorescent light would be very good. Even 20 minutes near a 40W incandescent bulb will generate significant glow.

Q: How brightly does the Glo-Rope glow?
A: In intermediate levels of lighting, the Glo-Rope takes on a greenish color as the glow competes with the light from its surroundings. In dark conditions, the glow has been measured at 1220 mcd/m2 immediately after charging and, after ten minutes, was still 45 times as bright as required by ASTM 2073 for emergency signage.

Q: How long can the glow be seen?
A: To eyes accustomed to the dark, the glow can be seen for several hours or even up to 24 hours after a suitable change. The following table shows the brightness measured in one test at various intervals after a twenty minute charge with direct sunlight:

Time in Dark Luminance (mcd/m2)

  • 10 minutes 908
  • 30 minutes 342
  • 1 Hour 189
  • 2 Hours 119
  • 4 Hours 67
  • 8 Hours 32
  • 16 Hours 18
  • 24 Hours 13

The average human eye can see a glow down to about 0.0032 mcd/m2. (Some standards measure afterglow time as the time to fade 100 times that level or 0.30 mcd/m2.)

Q: How does the after-glow of the Glo-Rope fade?
A: The fading begins as soon as the source of charging is removed – faster at first then slowing over a long period of time. For a number of hours, this fading is partially offset by a dramatic increase in the sensitivity of the eye to see light.

Q: What is the useful life of the product?
A: The Glo-Rope has the normal life span of Nylon, Polypropylene,. The photo luminescent properties, however, should last almost indefinitely. As long as it is Fiber it will glow

Q: What is the difference between fluorescence and photoluminescence?
A: Both absorb light, especially ultraviolet, and then emit light at a different (usually longer) wavelength. Fluorescence is immediate and only visible during external illumination. Photoluminescence is similar but the light emitted from the material is delayed so it is still visible after the illumination is removed.

Q: What are the blemishes that sometimes occur on the Glo-Rope?
A: Glo-Rope is produced without the normal coloring pigments typically used in rope production. These normal pigments, if used would hide minor blemishes but would drastically reduce the Glo-Ropes photo luminescent properties. The occasional blemishes are naturally produced by the manufacturing process and are purely cosmetic in nature. They do not in any way reduce the effectiveness, or strength characteristics of the Glo-Rope.

Manufacturers Warranty

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2mm, 2.3mm


1 foot $.40, 2 feet $.80, 3 feet $.1.20, 4 feet $1.60, 5 feet $2.00, 10 feet $4.00, 15 feet $6.00, 20 feet $8.00, 50 feet $20.00, 75 feet $30.00, 100 feet $40.00, 125 feet $50.00, 150 feet $60.00, 200 feet $80.00


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