Mares Cruise Backpack Mesh Deluxe Bag, Black

Great product and deal from Mares, and FREE Shipping in the USA

Mares has been manufacturing dive gear since 1949, and continues to strive towards great design and the best in technology.

It is a true master of transformation. Within seconds, this mesh backpack can be folded up and transformed into a small tote bag. An interior and exterior compartment ensure that everything is well organized.

Product Description

Mares Cruise Backpack Mesh Deluxe Bag, Black

FREE Shipping In USA


The sturdy mesh backpack

• Adjustable shoulder and eternal straps

• Lateral zipper for easy access

• PVC mesh net

Adjustable shoulder and eternal straps for a better fit when used as backpack.

Two rubber handles allow you to easily and comfortably carry it when used as bag.

The special design protects you from wet equipment.

A lateral and sturdy zipper ensures easy access to your equipment at all times, even when the bag is completely overloaded. Wide internal and external pockets to store equipment and more.

Type: backpack & bag

Dimensions (cm): 40 x 40 x 71

Weight (kg): 1.3

Volume (l): 112

Material: PVC, polyester

Interior compartment: yes

Exterior compartment: yes

Zipper: yes, spiral RV

Shoulder straps: adjustable

Heavy duty: yes




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