Scuba-Fix – DIY BCD Repair Kit

5 year Warranty

Do you have any BCDs with broken inflator or dump valves that needs to be fixed?
You find it a waste to throw away an otherwise perfectly looking BCD and hope the valve can be repaired or replaced?

Dive shops tells you that the valve cannot be repaired or even if repaired, it would not last?
Scuba-Fix may have the solution for you.

Product Description

Most BCDS were either thrown away or write off when the valve parent material gives way. These BCDS are often in full working condition other than for the broken valve. These BCDS can be repaired.

ScubaFix has developed the world’s first DIY BCD Repair Kit in which you are able to make repairs on your own, with guidance from the instructional video. Developed to solve a problem that has bugged the entire industry for years, this product will replace the most vulnerable part of your BCD: the inflator and dump valves  And if you are still not confident with doing it yourself after watching the video, you can contact for info on sending the BCD away for repair. Fee.

As of now, Kirk Scuba Gear can get a repair kit to fix 90% of the BCD brands in the world.

  • Aeris
  • Akuna
  • AquaLung
  • Aquatec
  • Beauchat
  • Cressi-Sub
  • DIR Zone
  • Dive Rite
  • Frog
  • Genesis
  • Hog
  • Halcyon
  • Hollis
  • IST
  • Mares
  • Northern Divers
  • Oceanic
  • OMS
  • Ralf-Tech
  • Razor Side Mount
  • Scuba-Pro T Series
  • SeacSub
  • SeaQuest
  • Sherwood
  • US Divers
  • XDeep
  • Zeagle

If your model of BCD is not on this list, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to propose an alternative solution.

We understand that the BCD plays a significant role to your dive comfort, not to mention a significant investment of your dive gear and of course your safety.

Our replacement valve is designed to replace your valve on your BCD.

  1. CNC machined from a single block of DelrinTM for maximum strength
  2. Unique LockRingTM system that provides a second level of safety
  3. Manufactured in Singapore
  4. Independently lab tested by Singapore Testing Body
  5. Do-It-Yourself Kit : Repair it anytime, anywhere

Kirk Scuba Gear is pleased to be the only online scuba business in Canada to offer this product and as such are an Authorized Dealer of this excellent product.

Included in package:
1 x BCD – Valve port
1 x glue tube
1 x sandpaper


Additional information



Options:::Your BCD

AquaLung, Aquatec, Akuna, Aeris, Beuchat (diameter: 47mm), DiveRite, Frog, Genesis, Halcyon, Mares, Northern Diver, Oceanic, OMS, Seaquest, Seacsub, Sherwood, ScubaPro (tseries), US Divers, Zeagle, 1ST 47 mm, Aeris, 1ST 53mm, Hog, Hollis, Ralf Tech, XDeep, Razor Side Mount, Dir Zone




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