Zeagle Basic BC/BCD Repair Kit for Scuba Diving

Don’t be left out on your next dive with this BC repair kit from Zeagle!!!  This is a great repair kit from Zeagle for your Buoyancy Compensator!

Product Description

Zeagle Basic BC/BCD Repair Kit for Scuba Diving


  • Zeagle quality
  • Universal repair kit for many makes of BC/BCD’s
  • Three plastic tie wraps
  • Four cummerbund & accessory screw fasteners
  • RE (shoulder dump/Remote Exhaust) flat gasket
  • Zeagle power inflator Schrader Valve insert (used on Zeagle’s Bx Inflator)
  • Three inner urethane bladder repair patches
  • One yoke valve o-ring
  • One DIN valve o-ring
  • One Bx coupler o-ring (used on Zeagle’s Bx Power Inflator and Octo-Z inflator/octopus)

Manufacturer Warranty provided by KSG supplier

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