University of Manitoba’s Underwater Seminar


Feb. 28, 2018 is a date to remember in dive history. At the Joyce Fromson Pool, at the University of Manitoba, the first ever underwater seminar was held. Professor Popsicle, aka Gordon Giesbrecht, Management Professor of Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation spearheaded this presentation.

Giesbrecht,  Dr Neal Pollock of the Université Laval/Diver’s Alert Network, and Dave Alderson presented three topics related to diving. Pollock spoke on the topic of shallow water blackouts, Alderson talked about diving safety, and Giesbrecht’s presentation was about how to survive a sinking vehicle.

Pollock, Alderson and Giesbrecht did their presentations in the water wearing full scuba gear. Audio equipment was poolside on the deck, and special equipment was used to provide an underwater screen.

Those that attended could watch the seminar from the pool deck or, if they could watch the presentation underwater in their scuba gear.




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